The art, practice and science of Feldenkrais®
Director: Robert J. Burgess BEd, PT, PhD, Feldenkrais Practitioner


Including Anatomy, Anthropology, Biomechanics, Neuroscience and Evolution of Proprioception, Motor Control, Sense of Self and Body-Mind.

This is a must do course designed for Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Massage Therapists, MD's and Feldenkrais Practitioners to introduce the professional to the Art, Science and Practice of the Feldenkrais Method in the Rehabilitation setting.



Course Outline


Course Presenter

Robert J Burgess
B.Ed, PT, PhD
Grad. Dip. Manip. Ther. (Adelaide, Maitland 1985)
Feldenkrais Practitioner (CV) .

101: Trunk Function and Back Pain - Basic Science of Trunk Function - Static v Dynamic Stability - Truths and Fallacies, Body sense Guide to Movement

201: Arm-Trunk Coordination for upper limb dysfunction (including all shoulder pathologies, neck-arm radiation, RSI & Carpal Tunnel sydrome)

301: Leg-Trunk Coordination and lower limb dysfunction (Knee, ankle, lumbar radiations and runners issues)

401: Integrating the whole (advanced lessons, techniques, managing chronic pain and multiple pains and people versus pain)