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"A Guide to Body Sense-
The Digital Version (GTBS-DV)"

Adobe Acrobat PDF format for the computer



"A Guide to Body Sense- the Digital Version" is now available.

50 "Awareness Through Movement" Lessons are illustrated in attractive color on 190 pages of diagrams & accompanying text.

Navigating and printing is user friendly. Simply select the pages you wish to supply to your patient or students and print.


There are two options for purchasing the Digital Version. There is the first time purchase at $60. Or if you already own the paperback version of GTBS there is a 25% discounted rate for the digital version.

'A Guide to Body Sense' The Digital Version:
USA & International $60.
(download only, no shipping)

Upgrade to Digital Version from the Paperback Version:
USA & International $45.

If you already own GTBS the paperback version, you can upgrade to the digital version at a discounted rate (25%). Please use same email address as for paperback purchase.


When you purchase the digital version you will receive an email containing the pdf file within 1-3 days.


Watch the videos for downloading and using A Guide to Body Sense- the Digital Version (GTBS-DV).  

PART I: Downloading and saving GTBS-DV.  



PART II: Navigating and printing GTBS-DV.  


For the Health Professional: The book is an essential resource for the Feldenkrais practitioner and Health Professional. Whole body patterns of movement are presented as sequences of a movement lesson. Abstract and real images of the pelvis, spine and thorax aid the students sense of their body segments and movements. As well as being a reminder for a home program they enhance the sense of the body skeleton and its movement.

Simply select the pages you wish to supply to your patient or students and print.




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